In a few words I'm not even a newbie in Rust - I actually didn't wrote even a single except few exercises before, but I think time has come.
I want to write a Sequoia wrapper for another language that will encrypt a message with anĀ  existing PGP key that is already present in an application as a string.

A key will be received as an &str and that is where Sequoia magic has to kick in.

I tried to search for how to do that and came across https://docs.sequoia-pgp.org/sequoia_guide/chapter_00/index.html#creating-a-new-project and https://docs.sequoia-pgp.org/sequoia_guide/chapter_02/index.html#encryption

First example kinda shows how to read data from an ascii text and second how to encrypt a message. Now I wonder how to combine those? :)